RG876 Somerset 100% Organic Linen T-shirt.

A exclusive: 100% organic Irish linen knit short-sleeve t-shirt. 100% elastic-free & lycra-free. No spandex. 100% cotton-free. 100% vegan.


While hemp and linen are the strongest natural fibers known to mankind, there are certain precautions to observe to get the longest enjoyment out of your 100% linen T-shirt, which is unique, special, and rare. Best to treat as delicate knit (like silk). Hand-wash or machine wash cold with like colors on gentle cycle inside a mesh laundry bag using a mild biodegradable detergent. Lay flat to dry or machine dry on delicate cycle (remove before dry). Keep away from acids (even fruit acids), which break down bast fibers such as linen and hemp. Rinse spills off immediately. Keep away from hot, dry heat. Steam iron at linen settings, if desired.

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The Somerset Organic Irish Linen T-shirt is great for all weather: in summer, linen knit (like hemp) wicks away moisture, keeping you comfortable. In winter, it (like hemp) insulates you with its hollow core, trapping your body heat to keep you warm under other layers.

The Somerset 100% Organic Linen T-shirt is soft, super cozy, and silky — like wild raw silk.

As to the overall virtues of our Organic Linen Long-sleeve Knit T-shirt, an email from a customer says it better than we ever could:

“I’m wearing one of these organic linen t-shirts right now underneath a heavier Patagonia Fjord flannel shirt. They’re just right. They feel fully natural (because they are,) not scratchy > toward silky, they keep me warm, they breathe well and not least of these, they look great. And this is in the winter/ early spring. No doubt that they’ll be much like the numerous hemp pieces I’ve collected through the years… the way they function well year round. ===> Warm when I’m cool… and cool when I’m warm. -Never tending toward retaining odor like synthetics will. Again, thanks so much.” From C.C.


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