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The RG591 Eco-Couture Hemp Dress Jacket is made in Europe by Rawganique from organically grown European hemp. Featuring natural buttons (Natural coconut, tagua nut, or seashell buttons, depending on jacket color and raw material availability).

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The Eco-Couture Hemp Dress Jacket is lined with 100% organic cotton sateen fabric. No formaldehyde, no dioxin, no harsh chemicals, and no heavy metals were used in production (as is true with all of our products).

Our Eco-Couture Hemp Dress Blazer Jacket is suitable for the office, dressy occasions, and many a hemp wedding has been held in our Eco-Couture Hemp Jacket, Vest, Pants, and Gowns. Our Eco-Couture Hemp Jacket has also been worn to many red-carpet events by eco-aware celebrities.

This Vegan Chemical-free Hemp Dress jacket is cut in the classic 3-button style. Cut on the roomy side – running a size big, especially so in Color Navy.


Here’s a quote from Coperthwaite that expresses our design and manufacturing philosophy perfectly:

Simplicity and Fairness: Simple living is less violent and less exploitative. When we live in complexity, our needs are so great in terms of energy and material goods that we live at the expense of others. As we simplify our homes, our clothes, and our eating habits, not only is less work needed to supply us but also less effort to maintain our way of life, as well.As the people of the world who are now exploited begin to get a fair return for their labor, prices will rise. We must expect this and be willing to pay the costs, otherwise we are hypocrites of the first water, wanting the world’s people to be well off yet still insisting that our bananas be cheap. When the people picking the bananas in Honduras, tapping the rubber trees in Malaysia, mining tin in Bolivia, and making shoes in Brazil get the same return for their labor that we do, our bananas and boots and tires and tin (and fair trade clothing—ed.) will cost more. — from A Handmade Life by WM. S. Coperthwaite.

The RG591 Hemp Wedding Jacket / Business Suit compliment the other offerings in the Eco-Couture Collection. Our organic hemp wedding clothing & business suits have been recommended by the Washington Post, Natural Home Magazine, USA Today, Newsweek, Business Week, Yoga Moms, & more.


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